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Get personal counselling support (for yourself and any children) from Centacare, call 1300 236 822.


Children – Always keep the welfare of your children paramount. Always ensure they are adequately provided for and maintained.


Bank accounts – Whilst always ensuring there is provision for the children and your spouse, you may consider opening a separate bank account and directing some of your income towards that account.


Don’t involve the children – They are innocent and should not become involved in any dispute.


Don’t clean out bank accounts – This is not a time for aggressive action which would inflame your dispute and come back to bite you later on.


Mortgage payments – work out a plan to cover mortgage payments whilst your property settlement is being sorted out.


Don’t Denigrate the other party – Studies show that children of separated parents have better outcomes when their parents avoid denigrating and critical behaviour.


Caveat – if your home is only in your partner’s name, talk to us about whether you need the protection of a caveat to stop any dealings with the property.


Utility bills – if you are staying in the home, consider putting any utility bills (phone, internet, electricity, gas) in your name alone. Work out a plan as to how they are to be paid.


Trouble with debt – If you are finding it hard to keep up with your bills, talk to the company you are dealing with and let them know if you are experiencing financial hardship.


Important documents – Take copies of your marriage certificate, birth certificates, passports, bank and superannuation statements, insurance policies, tax returns, car registration payments and any documents associated with a family business.


List of Assets – create a list of your assets and liabilities as this will be helpful with any property settlement.


Use a Specialist – Don’t use a generalist lawyer who does conveyancing, family, personal injuries and anything that walks in the door. Specialist Family Lawyers have the expertise and empathy you need.


Budget – work out your income and expenditures going forward whilst your property settlement is being sorted out.


Spousal maintenance – get advice from us as to whether you are entitled to receive spousal maintenance.


School – let your children’s schools know that you have separated and update your contact details.


Joint loans and guarantees – get legal advice from us about where you stand with any joint liabilities or personal guarantees.  


Family and Friends – Rely on Family and Friends for support, but not legal advice. Get a Specialist to provide legal advice. Family and Friends can supply emotional support.


Keep the Communication Going – Keeping communication going in a calm way with your spouse will minimise disputes, emotion and legal drama.

Always bear in mind this is general advice only, and you need to get specific advice on your individual circumstances.

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