If you need an electrical job done, you don’t get a plumber, and vice versa. In the same way, to get Family Law guidance you need to speak to someone who is Accredited as a Family Law Specialist.

Like the medical profession, over 20 years ago the legal profession realised that it was essential that people be able to choose lawyers who are specialists, rather than general practitioners. To be recognised and accredited as a specialist the Law Society put in place stringent criteria that must be satisfied.  Many fail the exacting tests involved.  Those who succeed are Lawyers who have extensive experience, have the respect of their peers, have undertaken further specialised study in their area of specialisation, and have passed exams and other assessment to be approved by the Law Society as Specialists in their particular field.

As well, to maintain Accreditation, Specialists must undertake continuing study each year in their dedicated area to remain at the top of their game.

But to be Accredited as a Family Law Specialist it’s not sufficient just to be an expert in the law. Being an Accredited Family Law Specialist also requires understanding and empathy for a client’s personal circumstances.

At the end of the day it’s about people and their needs.

A lot of solicitors say they do Family Law, but in fact they are generalists, who will do conveyancing, personal injuries, family law, and frankly anything that walks in their door.

Don Macpherson has been an Accredited Family Law Specialist since 1996 which was the first year the Family Law Specialist Accreditation program was introduced. In 2000 he was also accepted as an Accredited Family Law Specialist in NSW.

Since then he has come to be regarded in the profession as one of the Premier Family Law and Divorce Specialists in  Queensland.

For 5 years he was a member of the Queensland Law Society Family Law Committee which provided expert guidance in Family Law matters. He has written a number of published articles on Family Law.  For more information on Don click here.

We meet with clients at our 4 offices across Brisbane ( Newstead, Milton and Murarrie)  and at North Lakes, and our offices service the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Suburbs of Brisbane, as well as all areas around North Lakes.

What’s the lesson from all this?

The important thing to remember is that that no two cases are the same, that the law is complex, and the Courts have a very wide discretion to make decisions.

It’s only when you go into the detail of the matter, and understand that some factors favour one side, and some factors favour the other, that one is able to predict the outcome through the courts.

Don’t rely on friends, family or Google.

It is essential you obtain specialist legal advice from us about your particular circumstances.

Get advice, get it now, get it right, before you go Wrong.

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