Innovative Costs Solutions - with no surprises

At our offices across Brisbane, and at North Lakes, Macpherson Family and Divorce Lawyers can offer a series of innovative costs solutions that are tailored to our clients’ individual circumstances.

We keep our overheads low, and don’t pay high inner city rents. We are across the suburbs of Brisbane, North Brisbane, and North Lakes.  That means we are able to charge on average 20% less than equivalently experienced CBD firms. Being based in the suburbs of Brisbane, and North Lakes , and not in the CBD, we are able to offer have free parking.

The most common way to meet legal costs in a matrimonial matter is to pay as you go, in other words, on a weekly or monthly basis. We normally ask for an initial deposit to be placed in trust, but thereafter if it suits the client we can set up arrangements for direct debits, or tailor the payment structure to be on a periodic basis so as to keep pace with our client’s personal cash flow and capacity.

For some specific matters we can provide a fixed fee for the particular task involved, so that clients know exactly what they can expect to pay, without any uncertainty or surprises at the end. Please ask whether your matter fits in to the fixed fee category.

In some circumstances it is possible to put in place an arrangement, either by agreement, or court order, that the other party pays or contributes to your costs.

Our client costs agreements are fully detailed to cover all possible variations that may occur along the pathway to resolution. This provides clarity and certainty for our clients upfront, and as the matter progresses. Unlike some others, we don’t charge for photocopying, postage or printing. If anything unforeseen occurs we immediately advise you of that change, and ensure that any variations are discussed and agreed with you before we proceed. Again, no surprises at the end.

Costs are a vital part of any matrimonial matter, and it’s important for the client, and ourselves, that there be clarity and certainty throughout the matter. Do not shy away from talking about the costs of your matter. The way we get repeat clients and referrals is for our clients being able to say: “They told me the figure, they kept me informed, and they stuck to their estimates”. No surprises.

We’ve prepared some helpful hints to keep your costs under control.

Sorry, we don’t do Legal Aid.